Country Shared price Disk space Bandwidth VPS price
FR FRA €9.00 10GB 100GB More
BE BEL €4.49 2GB 20GB €29.00 More
IE IRL €4.16 10GB 350GB €12.99 More
CH CHE €[currency:CHF:EUR:5.90:2] 25GB "Unlimited" €[currency:CHF:EUR:39.00:2] More
DE DEU €7.95 10GB "Unlimited" €18.67 More
GB GBR €[currency:GBP:EUR:2.00:2] 10GB 100GB €[currency:GBP:EUR:20.00:2] More
CH CHE €7.50 60GB "Unlimited" €80.00 More
SE SWE €[currency:SEK:EUR:67.00:2] 5GB 50GB More
GB GBR €[currency:GBP:EUR:2.99:2] 1GB 80GB €[currency:GBP:EUR:14.00:2] More
GB GBR €[currency:GBP:EUR:3.49:2] 1GB 10GB €[currency:GBP:EUR:24.95:2] More

A lot of people feel that finding the best web hosting provider is often quite difficult. Especially when the choices are scattered across the whole Europe where so many different languages and currencies are used. Yet, we all know it's so important to decide website hosting question judiciously. It's utterly important to find the right hosting service that won't cost a fortune, but at the same time would allow you to do your business online without any serious troubles on the way.
Here European Hosting Review can help you immensely. The independent and neutral reviews on this website give you a general outline of the services offered. You can search shared hosting plans and VPS servers by country or language, by control panel or payment method. Whether you look for a shared plan or VPS hosting, a particular country or a price range in Europe — this website can obviously help you to reach your goal.

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